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End Of Year Writing Activities Kindergarten

#1 Writing Outdoors Activity #2 Writing a Letter to the Next Year’s Class. End of the year writing project #2 is a favorite for students. The... #3 Creating & Writing a Compliment Capsule End of Year Activity. My newest End of the Year Writing Activity is my... # 4 “Little Experts” Writing &.

  • Write Poems: Write end of the year Acrostics, Haikus, or try some free poetry activities! Focus on Random Acts of Kindness: Encourage your students to continue to be kind to each other and to find ways to be helpful. Grab this free Roll a RAK activity. Summer Activities Brainstorm: As a

  • "We start the day with our end of the year "celebration". We sing 9 songs to the families about things we've learned over the year. Then we hand out handprint memory books, completion certificates, attendance, and behavior awards. Then we walk to the nearby park. They play on the playground until a parent gets back with our pizzas.

  • 28. Play end-of-year charades. Have each student write out one memorable moment from the school year on a slip of paper. Collect all the slips in a bag, hat, etc. Divide kids into teams and have them come up one team at a time, choose a slip and act out the memory for the group.

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